Ph@tt MLM Netowrk Marketing

Phatt is a business which is two-fold.

  1. The Phatt product is an affordable commodity that WORKS, after all you can only market “nonsense” for so long. Phatt is a weight loss program that does what it says on the tin, hence the longevity and the extraordinary growth of the Phatt family.
  2. You have the opportunity to become a mentor and build your own real business.

We are not your traditional MLM distributors

Traditional MLM companies see most people struggling (and often failing) to build a “pyramid”. The “Fat Cat” at the top gets rich whilst the people on the ground floor are inevitably sold an unachievable dream.

Phatt is not like this.

We are fortunate to work alongside a “20% MLM Company” where 80% of the revenue is generated solely on customer purchases. That’s right – these are people who just buy the products.

There are no sign up fees collected and no recruiting responsibilities. These customers buy the products as if from Amazon or similar.

The other 20%.

These are our mentors who CHOOSE to have a business opportunity and try their hand at entrepreneurship as Modere Social Marketers. Here at Phatt, we teach you our unique business model and help you every step of the way to build your business. We don’t build 3x3x3…. to infinity where the babies have little hope of making an income. At Phatt we build a tower.

Let’s say that again. We BUILD A TOWER.

This means everyone can get fairly paid, from the ground floor up.


Contact us today and learn how you can join the Phatt Family as a mentor and discover about vision of Health, Wealth & Choice.