PH@TT – As seen in That’s Life! Magazine changed Katerina’s Life

Putting Health at the Top PH@TT Katerina Vasiliadis
Putting Health at the Top PH@TT Katerina Vasiliadis

Katerina Vasiliadis looked at herself in the mirror and knew she needed to change and PH@TT was that change!

Scouring the internet in an attempt to lose the extra 20 kilos gained in one year alone Katerina found a program called Putting Health at the Top also known as PH@TT.

Going from being an emotional eater consuming four sugars per morning coffee, family-sized packet of chips, a block of chocolate, 1.5L coca-cola and a dinner plate piled high was the norm, Katerina was determined to lose the weight and change her life. She enlisted with her very own personal mentor with PH@TT and her weight-loss journey kicked into full gear.

Katerina replaced the cola with water, junk food with vegies and controlled her portion sizes! Having her mentor, Kathy on call kept Katerina accountable and her confidence soared as she continued to kick goals.

On her first round of the program Katerina saw 16kgs drop from the scales and that was only the beginning of her journey! Katerina has now said goodbye to 60kgs, six dress sizes and is excited for a long and healthy life with her husband.

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