Are you ready to do PHATT with SHAPE*?

With Nearly 1 Million Units sold Globally, we are proud to announce the inclusion of SHAPE* to our already successful Ph@tt program.

We know that everyone is different and that two people with the same height and weight have vastly different body shapes, so with the introduction of this product we are giving your body an extra boost to achieve your ideal shape.

Here are some of the reason to do Phatt with SHAPE*:

– Shape provides a helping hand to anyone who is committed to being their best self.

– No artificial colours or flavours

– 99.9% sugar free

– Gluten Free

– Naturally supports the normal function of skin and joints

– Contains CLA; a beneficial fatty acid from the Safflower that everyone can reap the benefits of

– In scientific studies CLA has been used in conjunction with low carb diet

*In the EU and US market Shape is known as TRIM

Click here to guidance on how to incorporate Shape/Trim into the Ph@tt Program