Maxine Reihana-Laison

This is how I trained my mind to be during my journey

H – never go HUNGRY
A – peel your APPLES
T – Always THANK yourself
T- write your TESTIMONY

Result: 26.5 kgs in 4mths

Caroline Thompson

After being overweight for most of my adult life I had just about given up. In a last ditched attempt I tried PHATT. Let me tell you it wasn’t magic, it was hard work but so worth it. PHATT put me back in control and taught me about the importance of gut health. I’ve lost 22 kilos and feel like I’m reliving my youth. I’ve got my life back again!

Result: From size 22 to size 14 in 40 days

Donna Edge

Depression Fatty liver Arthritis in my knees and Fatigue were just some of my pre Phatt symptoms
Now l am medication free low level pain heaps of energy and lve never felt better
I love my PHATT life

Result: 30kgs in 5 mths

Mel Guic

This Amazing Program has changed my life forever!
I lost 16.5 Kilos in 120 days and no longer feel tired,lethargic and miserable. I now feel like a new woman inspiring others to join the Ph@tt program and change their lives forever.

Result: Lost 16.5 Kilos in 120 Days

KATERINA Patsellis

Ph@tt is just unbelievable true,it works not only on the inside,but out to. It’s made me love that lady today that looks back at me in the reflection of my mirror every day.
i had tried everything else out there even considered surgery, until i found Ph@tt. Yes i was susceptible to try it but i said to myself yes give it go and so i did.
and never regretted it!
Thank you Ph@tt

Result: I lost 13.4 kilos in 40 days

Sarah Rayner-Fry

This program is amazing and I feel so much better. I started this for weight loss and my IBS symptoms have disappeared. I was sceptical, I had tried everything out there. Food elimination diets, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, lemon detox, diet pills, low fodmap, endoscopy, colonoscopy and an Endocrinologist who told me my metabolism was dead and I could not lose even 100 grams. I have always exercised 3 times a week and everyone kept telling me to exercise more. I had severe IBS and pretty well spent every day with the runs despite following a low fodmap diet! Well here I am 27 kilos lighter and feeling fabulous. I am so glad I decided to try just one more thing!

Result: 27 kilos in 5 months

Julie Auton

Most amazing diet I have ever been on with the quickest weigh loss I have seen that truly keeps you focused and motivated. I never felt hungry. Give it a go you will not regret it.

Result: Lost 13kgs in 6 weeks

Natalie English

This is my story !!!!
I was involved in a car accident just over 4 years ago while I was working. I suffered a chronic back injury and lived on panadine forte for the next 4 years. I lost my job as I was no longer able to do it because of the pain. I lost my identity. I was 46 years old and I had worked since I was 14. I slipped into a deep depression. Stayed in my pjs wouldn’t see or talk to anyone who wasn’t my immediate family. Had developed anxiety which was not like me at all. I have always been a people person.
My health deteriorated as I gained a lot of weight. I reached 93.5kgs. I had never weighed that even when I was pregnant with my 3 children. I was put on blood pressure tablets, antidepressants and painkillers. 5 years before this I had open heart surgery to repair a valve in my heart. I knew that I had to get off the drugs and find me again.
I was really lucky to see a post on a buy and sell page in October 2016 for the amazing PHATT LIVING PROGRAM and I have never looked back.
This program has taught me how to lose weight and keep it off with real food.
I have now lost 23 kgs and I am loving my new life. I am happy and healthy.
No more depression, no more high blood pressure and best of all no more drugs!!!!

Result: 23kgs in 11.5 weeks

Verrity Wandel

I started the program after a long period on antibiotics that weren’t working anymore for me. I had become immuned. Over weight, IBS, PCOS issues for over 30 years. Over 20 years of yo yo diets. Nothing sustainable so I would try the next on the list. I had lost myself and I felt like I was dying on the inside. Phatt has saved my life and changed my life in so many ways.

Result: 26

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